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recorded forever ago. finally released july 2014 on dead broke records and dirt cult. originally to be released to "cut the cord that....... doesn't actually put out your record"
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released June 22, 2014



all rights reserved


NO SIR I WON'T Boston, Massachusetts

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doff your hat, shake their hand, policemen stand where policemen stand
you've gotta be taught that you're not a man, the abuse of power, a line in the sand
people got problems, and cities got cops
and all we've got to clean this up is a bucket and a mop
but policemen stand where policemen stand
can't you see the truth?
what they've done to you?
Support Authority

the disease of control, law and order, what we call courageous is merely the cowardice of the bully who hides behind his weapon because he fears the truth of his own weakness-
What's it mean to you? what's it mean to me?
the autumn leaves falling off the family tree.
done, done, the bootblack has done to hide the blood of lessons taught with club and with gun
what's it mean to us when the numbers come up?
order imposed with a message of love
by men, men, by plastic men, sure to find the failure when it happens again

the votes are in, and the uniformed men guard the empty streets while the madmen sin
in desperation, while the trees stand bare
can't you see the truth?
what they've done to you?
Support Authority
Track Name: HEROES
see ourselves at the podium, saviours of mankind
chanting in our daydreams, and marching in our minds
does our sainthood end with the songs we sing,
dying on the vine like a fruit that rots without ripening?

the revolution's fun and games
until it's really not
shooting guns is so much fun
until you're the one getting shot

The movies that we watch stir up a lust for blood
they make you want to kill just like good entertainment should
you hate the fucking villain, you can't wait for him to die
but can you pull the trigger can you look him in the eye?

the revolution's fun and games
until it's really not
shooting guns is so much fun
until you're the one getting shot

it doesn't matter what you do the one time it's all on the line
it's the other part that counts, it's the other ninety-nine percent,
the day to day callousness of people who are
good husbands, caring mothers, compassionate doctors, animal lovers

it's not all washed away...

Is it a question of Revolution or Revenge?
The time is long since gone when we had the luxury to pretend.
Track Name: OCCUPY
new york, Oakland, boston, dallas, los angeles, portland, chicago, Seattle
occupy occupy occupy occupy
our streets, our cities, our futures

we occupied the plazas, then we occupied the jails
we occupied the spotlight, now they say our movement's failed

but the real truth is different, of course they won't tell it that way
the cat's out of the bag, now they can't put it away
there's too many people saw it, so they can't sweep it aside
even a media this corrupt can no longer close its eyes

while their parent corporations have the white house on its knees
You're ignored at the ballot box or counted in the streets!
when it's money hand in hand with power this ain't democracy
it's called fascism.... look it up!
at the head of the table, the boss sits sipping tea
and with the soft hands of the bourgeoisie, i fumbled for a seat
but now i labor for the masters, i bear the weight on my back
should i take pride in my rough skin? in the badge of the working class?

we must all be thinkers, we must all be workers
we must never repeat the mistakes of the past
but the weight will keep on crushing us
until the means of production are in the hands of the working class
but wait. there's a problem:
there is no working class anymore,
just oppressed and oppressor, just the rich and the poor
and the gap's widening, working class used to mean something
i don't mean oi! oi! thug bullshit, i'm talking about a dream!

to educate our children, to live without want,
without the fear of ruin always one step away
it's the working. class. myth.
it's all. just. a part.
of the anti-intellectual, totally illogical
fake populist bullshit they use to make us play our part
it's nostalgia for a dream world that never existed
so wake up! it's been a nightmare from the start

let's have a little party, and everyone can come
just close the door behind you, don't want to let the riff-raff in
is this the dream you've got shoved up your ass?
a safe and tidy world for the smiling middle class?
well, hang on, there's a problem:
there is no middle class in this country anymore
just the elite and their servants, and they offer us nothing
but the False. Promise. of Freedom. through Slavery!
if there's no seat at the table I'll just sit on the floor
and keep on searching for the future they had promised me before
but the only thing i see in the bottom of my tea cup is Class War!!!
Love and hate, two faces of the god
Love and hate, morality at odds

make the connection, homophobia, the mission, missionary money, oh God hear it pray
the voice of hate, but who is speaking? Who gets the payoff, and who's gonna pay?

understand the truth: it flows down the years like water
from that charming dictator made for Hollywood slaughter
a lunatic on the shores of reason
a people freed from what? From the passing seasons

by poverty and death, Uganda, Dada, oh heavenly father,
madman, murderer, enemy of life, enemy of love

and now it still continues, Lord's Resistance, shit, you fuck
your Lord would spit upon you, if he knew that you existed
The God of the death camps, the God of the crusades
genocide personified at the head of the parade

nothing remains, no legacy but death
Government, profiteering
no economic motive to stop the killing
so the blood flows on and on and on
young men taken, their future gone
torn from mothers, the rape of families
while the newspapers print 100 names and faces
the headline "Hang Them" by their side
the byline reads: son. of. god.

no more holy wars
no more suicides
no more killing in the name of god

how dare you call it Fellowship, when all it is is HATE
if that's the Family of Christ thank God I was born to a different fate
all the outcasts, all the children of the wartorn lands
all the orphans of the culture wars too young to understand
So many have died

can't condone abortion but you revel in the deaths
of American children whose only crime is love
hand in hand, they want a second genocide
to murder every single gay person who's alive
if not by sword and gun, then by Government sanction
Bachmann, Lively, Santorum, Rick Warren
I weep for the death of David Kato
but I'll shed no tears when the hangman comes for you

So many have died for this thing that we call love
So many have died suffering in their love