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who wants to be on the fucking radio
when the fucking radio is the same fucking shit
as the bullshit television mindless nothing
fuck censorship control
fuck corporate corruption
fuck corrupt communication
fuck censorship control
fuck censorship control
fuck censorship control
what does it mean when the only thing we see
is the prototypic product of the media tree
the fruit fallen down to rot upon the ground
but it's in that rotten shit that new life comes around
is it too late to start it all again?
there's so many people, just say where, just say when
they want to shut us up, to take away our only weapon
so all we can do is just ask a another question:
why should we sing for the fucking radio
when the fucking radio won't sing for us?

but now the only ones doing any singing
are the scabs and the turncoats singing to the cops
selling out their records full of radio pop
while we're screaming and shouting and no one gives a fuck
because their eyes are glued to television, minds in the muck
but i feel for you, o you fallen masses
i know you've done nothing wrong
you just let the government
pick what was your favorite song

and now the wolves are at your door
and they're howling fit to break it down
they'll tear you limb from limb if you don't
tell them what they want
don't! tell them what they want
don't! tell them what they want
don't! tell them what they want
don't! sing your song for them
sing it for yourself
and everyone who knows the difference between real
and something really full of shit
FCC, aw bullshit, fuck you, fuck me
the wars been done for years
but all their propaganda still going on
same fucking song

except that you're the one doing all the singing
you're the fucking turncoat, in bed with the cops
selling out your friends for a cut off the top
and the only question is:
how much radio shit will it take for you to stop?


from SHIT​!​! 12" EP, released November 1, 2014


tags: punk Boston


all rights reserved


NO SIR I WON'T Boston, Massachusetts

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