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the clock's running down, you've got to get across town
the entertainment starts at 8, she won't forgive you if you're late
can't waste a moment on your way to waste your time
don't want to miss a second of the advertising line

and now the show's beginning, watching beasts tear themselves apart
and now the woman's on the ground, is this real or is this art?
the pain is so compelling, screaming what's it all about?
well she was begging for it, so we never bothered to find out
and the costumes are so beautiful, skin shining like the sun
smiling through her bright white teeth as darkness closes in
and the camera pulls away, those sounds echo down the hall
we never wanted anything like this at all

open-mouthed and glassy-eyed, no horror shows upon your face
killing time, you kill yourself, but time's just begging to be wasted

you open up your mouth to say the same old shit again
you open up your asshole and let the bastards in
you only open up your eyes when your favorite show is on
why can't you open up your fucking ears and listen, listen
can't you hear what's wrong?


from SHIT​!​! 12" EP, released November 1, 2014


tags: punk Boston


all rights reserved


NO SIR I WON'T Boston, Massachusetts

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