SHIT​!​! 12" EP


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released November 1, 2014



all rights reserved


NO SIR I WON'T Boston, Massachusetts

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the clock's running down, you've got to get across town
the entertainment starts at 8, she won't forgive you if you're late
can't waste a moment on your way to waste your time
don't want to miss a second of the advertising line

and now the show's beginning, watching beasts tear themselves apart
and now the woman's on the ground, is this real or is this art?
the pain is so compelling, screaming what's it all about?
well she was begging for it, so we never bothered to find out
and the costumes are so beautiful, skin shining like the sun
smiling through her bright white teeth as darkness closes in
and the camera pulls away, those sounds echo down the hall
we never wanted anything like this at all

open-mouthed and glassy-eyed, no horror shows upon your face
killing time, you kill yourself, but time's just begging to be wasted

you open up your mouth to say the same old shit again
you open up your asshole and let the bastards in
you only open up your eyes when your favorite show is on
why can't you open up your fucking ears and listen, listen
can't you hear what's wrong?
government tells us there are certain words, certain obscenities, not fit for the radio
their actions are not fit for humanity!
this is step one
the machine churns out music safe for the airwaves
safe for your brainwaves
while they supress journalism, control the media
this is step two
and the young ones feel the echo of rebellion and are satisfied
never having looked on the true face
but we don't need their media
we can have our own
radio was once the voice of the people
the f.c.c. is controlled by money, and controls with fear
the ad-man shoulder to shoulder with the military man
ready to FIGHT
so turn away from false prophets
don't let anyone control your words
take the third step
Track Name: RADIO SHIT
who wants to be on the fucking radio
when the fucking radio is the same fucking shit
as the bullshit television mindless nothing
fuck censorship control
fuck corporate corruption
fuck corrupt communication
fuck censorship control
fuck censorship control
fuck censorship control
what does it mean when the only thing we see
is the prototypic product of the media tree
the fruit fallen down to rot upon the ground
but it's in that rotten shit that new life comes around
is it too late to start it all again?
there's so many people, just say where, just say when
they want to shut us up, to take away our only weapon
so all we can do is just ask a another question:
why should we sing for the fucking radio
when the fucking radio won't sing for us?

but now the only ones doing any singing
are the scabs and the turncoats singing to the cops
selling out their records full of radio pop
while we're screaming and shouting and no one gives a fuck
because their eyes are glued to television, minds in the muck
but i feel for you, o you fallen masses
i know you've done nothing wrong
you just let the government
pick what was your favorite song

and now the wolves are at your door
and they're howling fit to break it down
they'll tear you limb from limb if you don't
tell them what they want
don't! tell them what they want
don't! tell them what they want
don't! tell them what they want
don't! sing your song for them
sing it for yourself
and everyone who knows the difference between real
and something really full of shit
FCC, aw bullshit, fuck you, fuck me
the wars been done for years
but all their propaganda still going on
same fucking song

except that you're the one doing all the singing
you're the fucking turncoat, in bed with the cops
selling out your friends for a cut off the top
and the only question is:
how much radio shit will it take for you to stop?
System system with a capital S
But who signs the papers? Who cleans up the mess?
Are we janitors in the belly of the beast?
Scrubbing the floors of a windowless office
corporation co-operation
while the real men of courage are down at the station
hey bring me a coffee with plenty of cream
while down in the cells we nod off and dream
of la la la la la la la la
love and peace and anarchy
and all of the people we wanted to be
And when we get out we feel so alone
waiting for someone to bring the boys back home

the system that makes the poor fight the wars of the rich
forced to choose between soldier for the cause or digger in the ditch

System system well it don't mean a thing
a clockwork doll built to shoulder the burden
a remedy by way of omission
ignoring the truth behind our oppression
the throne is empty, god is dead
so we bow to the masters in our own heads
and stand in line at the demonstration
with a sign that has written "Bring the Boys Back Home"

but what will we do if they really appear?
Give em a handshake and buy them a beer?
then throw them OUT on their ass when the last train's gone
with nothing to eat, no way to keep warm
then down by the river, the boredom sets in
while they're up in the boardroom drinking tonic and gin
bulletproof glass makes the silence complete
so they don't hear the chant that rises up from the streets...
...and they don't care anyway
[Bring the boys back home - chant]

the system that makes the poor fight the wars of the rich
forced to choose between soldier for the cause or digger in the ditch
Your mind's your own
The one thing they can't control

and maybe the king up in his tower
doesn't care if our minds fill with shit
maybe he wants it that way
after all, he's the one selling it
and maybe the bosses
don't give a fuck
but down here we're all just people
and i'd rather be down on my luck
i'd rather be dead
than recording the steady decay
of our lives, our children, our art day by day
by day
by day
by day
so put it all down and walk away
you have homes to go to and people to love
and i know you just don't realize what it means
to sleep in the dark and have someone decide what you dream
It's hard to hear the truth sometimes
but that's just it! if you don't ask why
they've got you beat, they've left you blind
deaf, dumb, ignorant, and contented like a child
who hears but doesn't understand

starving the poor and calling it "sanctions"
endless war called a "police action"
"enhanced techniques" make torture sound like sex
glamorize brutality, well what the fuck is next?
and when we are gone, it's not like they've said
we haven't "passed on", we're just fucking dead
that judeo-christian mummery
it's not part of my philosophy
how can you take it seriously?
honestly, i'm just looking for some honesty
but if you don't say it outright then it's just not real
so you can rest easy and no one has to feel the pain of
people in the news starving, and slaughtered
it's miles away, that's not my boy bleeding, that's not my daughter
she's safe here with me watching ads on TV
that carve up her self-respect like a butcher carves his meat
but don't worry about the price
as we sow, so shall we reap
nothing can come between you and your meal
cut off from the truth and factory farmed so it's cheap

and produced so far away that you'll never have to see it
where it comes from, what it's eaten, drowning in it's own shit
but never fear! we'll pump it up so you won't get a disease
until the bacteria are immune to every drug that we've made
and the private corporation has your health on a string
and the loopholes insure that you won't feel a thing
money is the real disease and we haven't got a cure yet
but we all own shares in a future of death and debt

our humanity sold for the Department of War
and the next generation left to shoulder the burden
but "responsibility" is an empty conversation
robbing us blind while they exploit our desperation
they shame us for our poverty when they're the ones that made it
and blame us for lacking all the things that they've taken
It's just like it was before
It's just like it's always been
Reclaim the language to free ourselves
And wipe the slate clean

"developing nations" where the third world once stood
but developing into what? and for whom is it good?
a sad reflection of the failure of the west
capitalism, the father who knows best
the government fights to make the dictators fall
then we rebuild their country as a shopping mall
industry in return for the life that we've stolen
opening new markets for Coca-Cola
and back here at home we've got Hollywood stars
to say believe in America and buy a new car
selling the same old shit with a brand new flavor
sexist consumption and non-union labor
the money we spend will safeguard our freedom
but don't ask where it goes, that would be treason!
just keep spending, just keep pushing the cart
and keep on pretending til it all falls apart!